Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Event Management Assignment

Update: Well it's been a stressful week in the world of Student PR and university but actually quite enjoyable. Aside from my computer deleting all the work I did on my event management PR assignment last week, I have successfully managed to catch up and more over the past few days; luckily I'm a quick typist and somehow I was able to remember pretty much all of the ideas I brainstormed!

As mentioned previously I really enjoy the buzz of working towards deadlines and trying to make the work the best I've ever produced. The assignment I'm working on at the moment is about content creation, specifically events. We have to theoretically organise a UK smartphone product launch- a follow on from our last assignment. We have to include copies for an internal briefing, press release for all UK media and a storyboard for a video crew. We have to include a budget sheet, schedule and report explaining the overall event. It's a lot of work, and the appendix items are really time consuming but it's quite fun and thinking I could potentially doing things like this everyday as part of my career is an exciting thought and one that I can actually seen myself doing. It makes me think I would really like to go into event management PR. It's something that has always been at the forefront of my mind but I want to keep my options open to other types of PR careers also.

There are still a lot of concepts that I have had to research to do with PR and there are some things that a book just can't teach you, it has to come from experience. I'm really lucky to have a cousin that I'm quite close to already graduate from university and work as a marketing account manager. She's been able to advise me on things from her experiences for this assignment and she's a great source to reference also.

I'm now at the stage of writing my assignment, having done my background research and report outline and I'm already excited to see what grade I get for this assignment. Watch this space!

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